Dream Interpretation

The House of Du’a.

Dream Interpretation.

What You Need To Know About Dreams:

There are three types of dreams as identified by the Prophet:

  1. Divine Dreams – in the form of revelations, glad tidings or warnings and inspiration from Allah(SWT): Usually good and true and may or may not need interpretation.
  2. Satanic Dreams – Interferences and manipulations from the Shaytan or Satan and Evil Jinns, intended to misguide. Usually scary and frightful. Not real and may or may not need interpretation.
  3. Human Dreams – Sleep reflections of the deep thoughts of the human mind. Pleasant or scary but always disjointed; hard to recollect in reality and always about the worldly life. Largely meaningless and may not need interpretation.

What to do if you have a:


  • Divine Dream: Thank Allah. Keep the news to yourself. Pray and expect it in reality. If in doubt, seek help from the expert.
  • Satanic Dream:
    – Get up from sleep,
    – Face the Qublah,
    – Spit thrice to your left hand side and seek refuge in Allah
    – Make wudhu and
    – Pray 2 raka’at and seek Allah’s protection.
  • Human Dreams: Do not bother. Trust in Allah(SWT) and seek refuge in Him. If unsure, seek help.


Application for Dream Interpretation

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