Friends of The Masjid

The House of Du’a.

Friends of the Masjid Program.


(For Masjid support and maintenance)

The motto: Build the Masjid, Build Islam.

This program is aimed at promoting sustainable support for building and maintaining Islamic places of worship globally. The goal is to provide decent places of worship across the world. Friends Of The Masjid program encourages a network of groups and individual to provide the much needed financial and material support for The Masjid. Members of the Friends Of The Masjid program are encouraged to give regular charitable support to The Masjid in accordance with the Prophet’s Hadith that states “The best charity is that which is given regularly even though it is small”. Those who want to be a friend of the Masjid must sign up as shown below.

How to Apply




    Kind of Support: MoneyMaterial

    Term of Support: WeeklyMonthlyYearly

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