The House of Du’a.



A qualified distributor of Zakat.

If you pay your Zakat through the House of Du’a, it is guaranteed to reach any of the recipients mentioned by Allah(SWT) in The Quran Chapter 9, verse 60. To make it easy for you, the House of Du’a has prepared for you below, a simple downloadable Zakat Calculator worksheet. By following it, you will be able to determine your total annual income and your cost of living, fees, taxes and debts which must be deducted from your total income before you know your total zakatable income. The Zakat Calculator also contains the NISAB(minimum qualifying amount) for this year which will help you know whether you are qualified to pay zakat or not. If you are qualified, you will be expected to pay 2.5% of your zakatable income through The House of Du’a.



What is Zakat?

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam which every Muslim is required by Allah(SWT) to fulfill. In order to fulfill this pillar of Islam, every Muslim who owns a certain amount of wealth is required to give 2.5% of the wealth to those who do not have in order to keep them meeting their basic living needs. The aim is to ensure that no one is left to suffer and die in hunger in the society. It is the pillar of Islam which requires the rich to help the poor in order to gain the reward of Allah(SWT). It is obligatory to every Muslim male or female, adult or child who qualify.


How to qualify to pay?

To qualify, one is required to have a certain annual minimum net income called NISAB. In the time of the Prophet(SAW), the NISAB was 20 dinar of gold for owners of wealth in gold or 200 Dirhams of silver for owners of other forms of wealth. In today’s market, gold and silver are sold in weight of grams and ounces. 20 Dinars of gold is 87.48 grams while 200 Dirhams of Silver is 612.47 grams. The current market value of 87.48 grams of gold is US$5,350(as of 2022) and the current market value of 612.47 grams of silver is $472. In order to qualify to pay Zakat, you must have an annual minimum gold value of $5,350 or an annual minimum cash value of $472.(as of Feb 2022/Rajab 1443AH). These rates may change from one year to another.


Are you qualified to pay zakat?

Based on the explanation above, are you qualified to pay Zakat? If so, then you have to pay 2.5% of your zakatable income.